Top 10 Ways To Get Rank In Top Of Google Search Results

Get Rank in top of Google Search Results

Top 10 Ways To Get In Top Of Google Search Results [2021]

Are you trying to get your website to show up at the top of Google? That isn’t more surprising. There are several competitions out there.

But with 40,000 Google searches appearing every second, organic search traffic is something you can’t ignore. It’s an expense that will pay for itself long-term out having to continue to dump money into it.

With all the information out there, it’s hard to know specifically how to get your web page to the top of Google. This post will assist clear up that confusion. Follow the ways below to get your site ranking at the top of search engines.

1. Figure out Search Intent

Have you ever moved to a website and left after the content didn't answer your question? The possibilities are you weren’t happy. Google aspires to stop this from happening.

To fight this, Google has spent heavily on technology that helps manage search intent. If your website doesn’t answer a user’s search query for a particular keyword, you won’t be able to rank as highly.

If you want to rank for keywords, your content requires answering your user's questions.

get more quality backlinks

2. Get More Backlinks

Backlinks are links leading to your website, from other websites. Think of it like an upvote.

Not only is one of the top three ranking parts in the eyes of Google, but they also serve to be the number one bottleneck for the bulk of website owners. Not only are they difficult to get, a lot of people think they are no longer necessary - which couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Not having enough backlinks to rank can occur in two main ways on your site.

The more general issue is that your website as a combination isn’t authoritative enough to stand up upon your competitors. In other words, their entire domain has so many links that they’re just more trusted than you.

3. Add Smaller Videos

Add always smaller videos to your website pages. The ideal time of the videos should be 2 mins to max 5 minutes. Videos should be related to the content of the pages.

optimize your pages with keywords

4. Optimize your Pages with Keywords

With keyword research out of the process, it’s time to begin putting all of it to use.

I see so many website partners who have done their keyword research - you’ll see it filled in the content in almost every topic and often bolded or italicized.

But then you look at the title of the page (plus other key areas) and you’ll start to question what the page is supposed to be about.

5. Write Great Content

What’s great content, exactly? It’s content that answers your audience’s questions and isn’t keyword stuffed. “Google’s algorithms are continually changing and what doesn’t vary is the need for quality and genuine content. Our company consistently ranks various key pages for competitive keywords in our market, mainly due to how we format content on our pages.”

Besides, always keep in mind

6. Go after less competitive keywords

We know it’s fascinating to go after the high search volume keywords without the truth being. Search volume isn’t the most powerful metric out there.

However, the most crucial aspect to consider is that the only way you’re making a piece of that action is by ranking in these top 3 positions. A keyword could have a million searches a period, but if you’re in position #16 you shouldn’t be requiring any traffic from it.

Even the first position (on average) gets about 30-35% of the traffic.

7. Use Images

The most crucial factor to keep the user engaged is the proportion of text to Images. Your website content shouldn't be only text-based. It must have relevant images in the proper ratio. We would say 1 image per 200 words or so.

8. Don’t Focus on a Single Keyword

Yes, seeing a high search volume may be exciting. The difficulty is that the search term is apparently going to take a lot of work to rank for. Why do that when you can focus on all the related queries that are getting traffic too?

When you focus less on particular search terms, you can start to focus on topics instead. This implies you’ll rank for many more keywords among your blog posts.

mobile optimization services

9. Work on Mobile Optimization

Did you understand that more than half the global internet users are through mobile devices? If you’re not providing these users a good experience on your site, you’ll turn them continuously, and Google will figure out why they are moving. When you make your site work well on mobile, you’ll get an advantage over other sites that don’t do so.

The first way to do this is by building a responsive web design. Your design should vary based on the screen size of your visitor. This indicates that you will need to invest in your web design to get this result.

10. Track crucial metrics

If you want to know how to get to the head of Google Search Results, you need to know your current rankings including how users interact with your site. Paying attention to the metrics that mean for a better Google search placement is key for the 2020 SEO.

If your page is inside the first three rankings for keywords, you’re working to see a higher traffic volume than the end result on page one.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to know for sure how to take your web page to the top of Google. It isn’t like Google has a manual for it. But by testing, the experts have a set of methods that have proven to increase your chances.

Make sure you try the ideas above out to get your site ranking today. If you’re looking for an agency in Delhi NCR, we at STS Digital Solutions provide the whole Digital Marketing Services.

Gayatri Adhikari
Written By: Gayatri Adhikari