Top 15 Mobile App Marketing Tips In 2021

mobile app marketing tips

Top 15 Mobile App Marketing Tips To Increase Your Downloads

Mobile App Marketing leads to a variety of marketing activities that are leveraged to turn app downloads, engage mobile users, plus engage those users who have previously downloaded an app.

Even if you sway have made the best app, making it to rise in the ranks of both app stores plus stand out of the millions can be a complex and challenging task. While you develop an app your terminal goal as an app developer would be to make revenue with your app, right? And to boost app downloads, your app’s visibility performs a key role.

1. Choose your app’s name strategically

If you are starting, so this tip is a useful one. The name of your app plays an important role in its ranking in the app store. So, you will require to pay some attention here. It frequently runs on the currency of creativity, so you don’t have to be giving greatly.

Ensure that the name of your app includes keywords of the kind to which it belongs. The golden tip to bear in mind is that these keywords should be used naturally. If they aren’t utilized subtly, they give off signs of spam.

So, you require to take care of four circumstances while brainstorming for a name for your app. These combine the simplicity, visual experience, relevance, plus availability of the title. Some examples to pick influence include Indeed Job Search,, also genius scan.

Mobile App name research

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Developing an app is the main thing. However, placing it in front of the possible audience is a completely different matter. To that end, you require to heighten your online presence and spread the word. Start by creating a different or unique landing page. You can do it as free via platforms like WordPress.

Ideally, it is best that you get a domain name plus hosting space, which does not cost much. This is a valuable step for informing your users regarding all the key features of your app. Try to be creative here by utilizing your app’s color palette and fonts on this web page. This will extend your app’s identity.

Simultaneously, running a blog on your site to dispatch news related to your app’s updates, features, etc. 6 out of 10 marketers validate that blogging has led them more customers. In your case, this turns into more downloads.

3. Define your Build customer Personas, Target Demographic

Try to envision a comprehensive user of your app, what sort of characteristics plus features do they have in common? Once you’ve beaten down the demographic you’ll be targeting, you can change your marketing message and gain stress much easier.

An app intended at the 35-50-year-old demographic is continuing to need a much different approach than an app aimed towards teens. Be smart about using slang, emojis, gifs, or business lingo so as not to separate potential users.

enhance your social media process

4. Enhance your Social Media Process

It's a part of increasing your app’s awareness. Once you have an up also running a blog, you will also require to have the content to share on your social media channels. It’s best to join with your audience plus encourage them to share your content.

This tip requires time alongside a proper procedure. Getting more followers on your social media profiles will help boost downloads. A case in point is the Facebook page of Uber Eats that tackles the potential of social media for spreading out to more people.

5. Downloads vs Visibility

There is a clear association between the download rates plus the visibility of an app. High visibility will drive to more downloads and vice versa.

In our dashboard, it is conceivable to see the visibility score of an app under App Profile while Visibility Score.

This score simply shows how visible your app is on this market.

6. Consider a soft launch

Soft launching, the next step up of beta testing, includes publishing the app but only to a certain smaller region similar to Canada or New Zealand. Since the entire app will be published, you can perceive a much larger volume of users to stimulate testing and see how the market reacts.

app store optimization

7. Improve App Store Optimization

First of all, to grip the user’s attention your apps need to be extremely visible. And to improve the level of visibility of your app in this app store there is no mystic formula, there is App Store Optimization (ASO).

Many developers underrate the power of App Store Optimization, whereas it is very important for increasing the clarity of your app. So, to answer this question of how to increase app downloads, it is necessary to understand how people discover your app.

App Store Optimization is the method of optimizing mobile apps to rank more eminent in an app store’s search results.

8. Optimize your app’s keywords

With keyword optimization, the goal is to get your app ranking in the highest search results of the iOS or Google Play Store. To do that, you’ll need to use an ASO Tool such as Sensor Tower or Mobile Action to recognize keywords you can rank for.

9. Content Marketing

Be it text, video, or audio, nothing hits content marketing. By creating high-quality content for your users, you’re putting your app in relevant pieces of data that they’ll enjoy. If your app created to food distributor or help restaurant owners, blog posts about the HoReCa industry will reserve your visitors. If you’re promoting an app that turns around physical exercises, creating video guides on how to lose weight or things about eating better is the way to go.

10. Using Eye-Catching Photos and Videos

One of the most important features of your app description is your number of photos, screenshots, and videos. Photos related to your app that highlight your various popular also needed points will directly encourage downloads. Screenshots from your app itself are what users will typically seem at after they initially find you in search results. A good mixture of these two is important to help users to click that download button.

11. Design captivating screenshots

Screenshots provide your potential users a chance to see what you’re striving for. It’s fascinating to go for flashy, over-the-top images, but the most beautiful pictures aren’t always the ones that pleasure leads to the most downloads.

Instead, focus on making the best parts of your app over to users as quickly as possible.

loclaise your app page

12. Localize your App Page

There are tons of users who would like to use your app but will nevermore find it because it’s not in their language. Correct this by localizing your app page. Both iOS plus Google Play allows you to publish your App Store pages in several languages.

13. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most helpful techniques to increase app downloads. Emails involve the audience plus drive traffic for your app. Offer information that could be important for your users in the form of a newsletter. Eventually, your target audience will be turned to check out your app.

14. Retargeting

Retargeting is a kind of advertising that helps you retrieve bounced traffic after people leave your website. You can use the method to market your products on Facebook, Google, and other sites. This method is only for those who have already held out your app microsite but did not download it. Utilizing retargeting, you can advertise it to the related target audience.

15. Get more feedback from customers

Mobile Apps in Google play store are often rank on popularity and value, based on ratings. So you want to create a plan for getting customer feedback and more reviews to increase the possibility of more downloads. You should also include contact information in your app descriptions so that customers can reach out with more detailed feedback.

But don’t just read feedback – respond to it and consider it. Reach out to unhappy customers and discuss their issues and improve customer happiness.

Gayatri Adhikari
Written By: Gayatri Adhikari