Top 10 On Page SEO Strategies In 2021

onpage SEO strategy

Top 10 Essential On Page SEO Factors [2021]

Understanding SEO is important to greatly increase your traffic and brand awareness. Currently, thousands of people are trying to find content that matches yours. You can help them find you by becoming an SEO expert.

Google is getting stronger and stronger all the time - not only in analyzing and understanding web pages but also in how it works to keep people within its framework.

1. Complete SEO Audit on your website

Researching your website helps you find out why you don't get enough search traffic and sales. Many SEO Companies offer this service, but you will save tons of money on your own.

Generally, auditing can be a systematic review of an event, outcome, idea, or financial document that has been cleared to work where you stand and how you can make wise decisions in the future. In the world of SEO, bookkeeping can be a growth hack that will help you attract and retain customers.

2. Improve the User Experience Across Your Whole Site

Let's start with a brief description of what Google aims for as a search engine.

Like any search engine, their goal is to get the best results for each user's query. If they fail to do this before, users are less likely to re-use the search engine.

3. E-A-T

E-A-T, representing Professionalism, Authorization, and Trust, is the framework used by Google analysts to evaluate content creators, web pages, and websites as a whole.

Google always charges a fee for high-quality content. It seeks to ensure that sites that produce high-quality content are rewarded with better standards and that sites that make low-quality content less accessible.

4. Develop topics and definitions to improve CTR

SEO is not just a measure. * pause *

Suppose you rank # 1 with a keyword in thousands of searches every month. You won't get traffic unless people click on your page within the search results.

That’s why it’s important to add clicks. But how?

Two key factors affect your click-through rate (CTR):

  • Title tag
  • Meta Description

5. Learn what your users want

Google is not an advertising company. They are a big data company.

Every tool, platform, and device they design has one purpose: to solicit data from users and use it to create a robust system.

Think of yourself as a big data company.

You need to make a special effort to target your customers. When you understand their needs, you will improve the content you bring them.

6. Prepare for Voice Search

With 25% of US adults now having a smart speaker (number expected to reach 55% by 2022), it is safe to say that voice search is definitely something you should have in your SEO strategy.

Here are some voice-based search statistics:

  • 72% of people with voice speakers say that their devices are used as part of their daily routine.
  • 65% of owners of Amazon Echo or Google Home can't think of going back to the past when they had a sensible speaker.
  • 2 out of 5 adults use voice search once a day.

7. Mark Title

The title tag, the HTML tag located inside the header of all web pages, provides the first display or context of what the topical says on the page it is on.

It is featured prominently on the program results pages (commonly used because it is a clickable link) and as within a browser window.

The title tag itself has little effect on organic ratings, which is why it is sometimes overlooked.

8. Upgrade pages that do not work well with internal links

Internal links are the backlinks from other pages on the same website.

The green words in this sentence form an internal link to our anchor text.

Why are they important? Because they help flow the “authority” around your website.

Many also believe that the anchors of the internal link (clicks) have an impact on the quality of Google. This is something John Mueller of Google has confirmed on a number of occasions.

9. Create landing pages for SEO

A well-organized landing page can improve your lead and sales generation. The more pages you build the more you build, the more gates you open to get incoming search traffic.

Unfortunately, not many B2B companies fully understand the importance of using certain landing pages to capture new users.

According to SEO research company, MarketingSherpa, 44% of clicks on the B2B companies visit the homepage, not the landing page. Of course, the homepage is important, but the landing page is where you will start a strong relationship.

10. Mobile Design First

While voice search is important, time has shown that it is not as important a tool as we had predicted - especially when it comes to conversions.

That this means that voice search will not be the most important thing for e-commerce advertisers, or even if it just needs to appear, remains to be seen. But what we do know is that right now, most searches are very effective.

Gayatri Adhikari
Written By: Gayatri Adhikari