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Top 10 SEO Writing Tools For Optimized Content [2021]

Content is and stays perhaps the main positioning variables for web indexes. Regardless of whether you are simply beginning or running a site for a long time, composing content assumes a significant part in improving your online findability, Google positioning, and natural traffic. In this blog, we will share helpful apparatuses for composing viable SEO content. As an online essayist, you generally should be paying special mind to better approaches to upgrade your substance and draw to your crowd's advantage. Quite possibly the most significant apparatuses that you can use to upgrade your composing is site improvement (SEO). In its most essential structure, SEO alludes to the way toward expanding a site's perceivability through web crawlers to help by and large site traffic. Along these lines, by chipping away at improving the SEO estimation of your online substance, you can fundamentally expand your viewership and produce enduring outcomes regarding your computerized composing achievement.

Here are top 10 of the best SEO composing instruments for upgraded online substance.

1. Google Keyword Planner

A well-founded tool that you can use when doing keyword research is Google Keyword Planner. This website reveals to you which keywords are most popular within a certain topic. You should simply type in a keyword or keyword phrase, and the calculation will show a diagram that represents the prominence of the keyword phrase over a given period. You can also choose to sight the average monthly searches as well as the indicated bid for a certain keyword. Regardless of how you choose to utilize it, Google Keyword Planner causes you to be more purposeful about your keywords with the goal that your substance can contact the right customers.

2. WooRank

Keyword research is just the first step of enhancing your content for SEO purposes. To make sure that your content spot lasting success on search engines, you also need to have a clear and fruitful plan in place. Fortunately, WooRank was created to help you do just that. This advanced tool analyzes your SEO strategy and comes up with valuable feedback to help you to improve. One of the main ways it fulfills this is by regulating whether you’ve included the right keywords in your writing. It's in this manner a smart thought to utilize WooRank in the wake of exploring Google Keyword Planner.

Additionally, WooRank helps you whet your social media strategy and examine the online reputation of your website.

plagiarism checker

3. Plagiarism Checker

Once you’ve unduly analyzed your SEO content strategy, it’s time to start purifying your writing. While you probably definitely thoroughly understand the significance of legitimate syntax and grammar, you might not have thought about plagiarism. Search engines take plagiarism gravely and may prescribe your content if they find that you have to sneak your work from another source. To avoid experiencing this issue, it’s a good idea to use an effective online plagiarism checker tool. This easily reachable website lets you copy and paste your text so that it can be checked for plagiarism. By taking this extra step, you can guide clear of duplicate content and automatically enhance your ranking on search engines.

4. SEMrush Writing Assistant

As any great substance essayist knows, there's something else entirely to quality composition than utilizing the appropriate keywords. If you’re ready to take your SEO content to the next level, you need to focus on other key features of your writing, such as clarity and originality. SEMrush Writing Assistant makes it simple for you to optimize every area of your content, from its articulation to its flow. This online tool will assist you if your writing style is not clear, which will help your content look more refined to your audience. Also, SEMrush analyzes the SEO value of your writing, acting as a supplemental tool in your SEO toolkit.

keyword density checker

5. Keyword Density Checker

While it’s important to assimilate keywords throughout your content, you also don’t want to overburden your writing with keywords. The imprudent use of keywords in SEO writing is commonly known as “keyword stuffing,” and it should steer clear of at all costs. Google is known to thrust penalties on websites that exemplify keyword stuffing, which can seriously harm your reputation as a content writer.

To securely remain inside the lines of adequate keyword density, make certain to add Keyword Density Checker to your rundown of top SEO tools. This site expertly investigates the general keyword density of your writing and tells you whether you've remembered such a large number of keywords for your content. In case you're a content composing apprentice, this instrument can be particularly useful in controlling you towards accomplishing the legitimate keyword density.

6. Grammarly

Even if you have excellent keyword density and have done thorough research on your topic, you may not attain the success you want if your writing isn’t gleaming. High-ranking content is well-written and free of delusion that may diminish from your message. To help your writing reach this status, consider mobilizing the help of Grammarly. This leading writing tool offers a multitude of services to help upraise the quality of your content. Some of its main characteristics include a grammar checker, spellchecker, and an advanced writing assistant that examine the tone and flow of your prose. Regardless of what type of content you’re working on, Grammarly can help you refine it until it’s ready for publication and is one of the best grammar checker tools online.

7. Social Animal

In some cases, the most demanding part of content writing is selecting the appropriate topic. Even if you’ve decreased your keywords and become familiar with your target customers, you might feel devastated by all the possible topics to choose from. If this sounds all too familiar, Social Animal is here to assist you to find the right pivot for your writing. Once you enter your keyword or search query, Social Animal shows the most shared web pages that are related to that particular keyword. By getting a thought of what kind of substance is best in your chosen niche, you can help your writing arrive at that equivalent degree of progress.

8. Topic

The topic is your SEO Content Optimization tool that helps to bring down your research efforts and grow content quality to drive more organic traffic. One of the key highlights is its rival layout examination which causes you to make a blueprint inside the space of minutes for any keyword. It also helps you pursue content that can beat the competitors by suggesting key topics to cover and questions to answer using AI. An interactive writing assistant helps you grade your content and fill in space.

It takes many approaches when analyzing existing content. When given a keyword, Topic takes out content from the existing top results in Google, then grades your content based on how broadly you’ve covered the subject matter.

9. Read-Able

An analytical part of optimizing your content for search engines is understanding your target customers. By tending to your substance to the correct gathering of individuals, you'll assist your composition with resounding others on a more profound level. Read Able allows you to achieve this with assistance from its high-level calculation. The algorithm analyzes your content and decides how proper it is for your intended interest group. For instance, in case you're writing in a logical specialty, it's essential to remember the correct language for your substance and guarantee that it's at a high-level reading level.

10. Yoast SEO

In terms of regulation and ease of use, Yoast SEO is one of the most authentic SEO optimization tools available. This famous WordPress plugin gives you live feedback as you create your content in WordPress. Each time you create a new post, Yoast SEO comes up with a helpful checklist that allows you to boost the SEO value of your content. From presenting suggestions to pointing out errors, this online tool goes above and beyond when it comes to optimizing your content.


Today, all content creation is SEO content creation. And all composing should be SEO writing. Making an intelligible, effective duplicate today goes unavoidably connected at the hip with its streamlining.

Requests of web crawlers as of now begin to agree with the longings of real clients. This is the reason dealing with the two sides of SEO composing is principal to making the highest level and selling content.

Gayatri Adhikari
Written By: Gayatri Adhikari