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Best SEO Company in Faridabad with High Client Retention Rate and Successful Rate. Having multiple Industry Experience in SEO, Trusted by Brands, Ranked 20K+ Keywords on the 1st Page of Google, Helped B2B Businesses by generating 50k+ Quality leads. We help small, medium, and large scale businesses grow online with our best SEO strategies.

Your search on finding out the best SEO company in Faridabad ends here. There are plenty of SEO companies in Faridabad, but STS Digital Solutions always stands out of the crowd with our unique SEO strategies. Nowadays, it is challenging to find the right SEO companies in Faridabad. Today, SEO is all about user experience. When a user is trying to visit your website, there is a specific task to tell you whether your website is user-friendly or not. Some of them are how long time your webpage takes to load the content? Whether your website is cooperative with different devices like laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.? Does your website has easy navigation? How long users stay on your website? Is your webpage content relevant to users on what meaning they search? And more.

The first page ranking in Search Engine is possible if your website has a good user experience, engaging user content for the target audience with the necessary information and other SEO parameters SEO companies in Faridabad should be capable of bringing the better user experience to your website when you hire them for your SEO. The right SEO company in Faridabad will create trust among your users when they provide better user experience, which will generate more leads/conversions for your business. We help our customers to rank them on the first page of Search Engine when users search for business-related keywords.

Top SEO Experts of STS Digital Solutions will study your business, understand your target audience, and search competition then works on the SEO strategy to rank your website for target keywords on the 1st of Google Search Results. It will lead to an increase in organic traffic, an increase in lead generation for services-based businesses, and an increase in sales for product-based companies. We also focus on increasing sales through conversion rate optimization.

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Benefits of SEO Services For Business

  • Increased Website Traffic: Identifying the right business keywords and optimizing the keywords in relevant webpages, will improve the keyword ranking and increase website traffic from SEO.

  • Reduce Dependency on Paid Ads: Nowadays paid ads are becoming very expensive, ranking websites organically for business keywords through the SEO process will reduce the dependency of paid ads.

  • Branding: SEO will improve website visibility, it will result in creating brand awareness among the target audience, increase in organic traffic, and conversions.

  • More User Engagement: User engagement is always high for the website visitors, optimizing the target pages with relevant information will engage the users and spend more time on the website by visiting other pages.

  • Qualified Leads: Ranking websites on top of the search engine results page for target keywords will help us to generate more qualified leads compared to other paid channels.

  • Lower CPA: Users trust more on organic results than paid results in SERP, so the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of SEO leads are very less compared to paid campaigns CPA.

Why Choose STS Digital Solutions

STS Digital Solutions has successfully delivered projects in various business verticals. STS depends on major advanced analytics. It can certainly identify the preference, taste, choice likes, dislikes of the consumer. That can help a business to learn about public choice and decision.

STS Digital Solutions services are affordable and are reflected less expensive or valuable than other marketing agencies among the best digital marketing agencies, we have been giving online marketing resolutions to organizations of over the globe. Being one of the best providers of SEO Services in Faridabad. We assure you that the initial click on your website leads to conversion. To make a real contrast to your business, get in touch with us today!

Our SEO Services

SEO Site Audit

Analyzing the current status of the website SEO (technical, on-page & off-page) to identify the opportunity for website improvement and defining the right action plan, strategy for achieving the SEO Goal.

SEO Keyword Research

Identifying the relevant target keywords is very important in the SEO process, keywords should be more relevant for the business, also we need to check monthly search volume and competition while shortlisting the keywords.

Technical & On-Page Optimisation

Our SEO experts will work on optimizing the website with each SEO parameters in target pages to improve the page relevancy and user experience to rank higher on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

SEO Copywriting

Content is the king of SEO, so we need to improve the relevancy, engaging content will improve the user trust, average time on the website, these metrics will help keywords ranking position improvement.

UI/UX Suggestions

Nowadays, Google gives more importance to user experience. So user-friendly website layout, navigation, engaging content, webpage loading time, mobile responsiveness will reduce the bounce rate and increase the average time on the website. It will improve the website ranking for target keywords.


Before initiating the project, we track all SEO Task status, we will keep it as the baseline report to compare it in the future to measure the performance. Also, we will share weekly SEO reports with every activity which we carried out for the particular week and keywords ranking progress.

Dedicated Support

We expand dedicated account managers for every SEO project to extend our support to customers. Our account managers will coordinate with customers and closely work with the team to execute the project and deliver committed results.

Backlink Management

Generate High-quality backlinks is a very important process in SEO, we increase Unique Root Domains and overall backlinks for the website. Also, analyze the competitor's backlinks and create backlinks from the competitor backlinks domains.

Improve Conversion Rate

To drive more website traffic, we apply proven expert techniques accountable to revise the conversion rate & turn visitors to customers.

SEO Results

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SV Marble Polishing

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Pingpong Moments

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SEPL Globe

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

List of FAQs that you always wanted to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
working person with laptop
Local SEO is an effective method to market your business online. It assists businesses to promote their products and services to regional or local customers at the exact or real-time they're looking for them. Millions of consumers use local search each day to find the best local (regional) businesses in their area.
SEO is not a one-day thing and it takes time to show results and if the result is not acceptable, then considering the check of certain steps can be useful. Usually, it varies upon the website to the website.