Top 5 Tips To Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media

increase website traffic using social media

Tips to Increase your Website Traffic using Social Media [2021]

Thinking regarding starting a website or your one already, continue reading to understand how you can obtain use of those top four social media networks; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, plus YouTube to help you manage the traffic required to your site. More extensive equipment to more audiences including visitors, which in turn improves engagement on your site.

Brands among large social media followers have a cache trove of fans that have the potential to be transformed to customers and brand advocates; the method is implying ready to direct them from your social media ways to your website.

Most companies see the value of doing both social media also websites to reach including an appeal to consumers. The two ways, though, should have a cohesive procedure, plus businesses’ social media forms should make it easy for consumers to reach the business including visiting its website.

5 Tips to Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media

increase website traffic using social media

1. What is your purpose for beating traffic to your site?

Now, why would you encourage your audience to your website of this social media platform? Say, if brand awareness is your aim, you could have both of the latter as your possible key performance signs:

  • Views
  • Unique Visitors
  • Brand Mentions
  • Trackbacks, and more!
  • Mainstream Media Mentions

2. What do you need them to see, do, and know?

Social media is not the point; it is the means to an end. That point is your website or selected landing page. Consequently, your website page or selected landing page should also become a call to action.

3. Get stock of all your Contents

Your contents could be either of the following:

  • Blogs
  • Reviews
  • Images – in any formats
  • Web subpages
  • Guest posts
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Webpages
  • Inbound links from other websites
  • Videos
  • PDFs

4. Create Quality social media posts utilizing your contents

By quality, it means:

  • Did you carry a high-quality also in-context image?
  • Is your social media post really what that link is regarding?
  • Is it well-formatted?
  • Did you spell-check plus grammar-check it?
  • Is it clear to read also understand?

5. Engage with your audience

It’s easy to overlook the social features of social media, but that’s not a mistake you want to make. Social media is different in that you can engage immediately with your target audience. You can answer questions and obtain feedback in real-time, and develop the experience people have with your brand.

Engaging with your audience is also an effective way to increase website traffic – and improve your audience’s opinion of your company.

Now How you can Drive Traffic using these popular Social Media Networks; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.


Facebook ads are a more beneficial tool in your hand if you need to develop your website traffic, improve your product pages, or generate awareness regarding your business. One of the easiest forms to do should increase traffic on your website is to constantly distribute pleasant content on your Facebook Page. This will build engagement including loyalty among you plus your audience. The content you give on your page should be eye-catching also engaging.

You must accurately choose wherever you need to send people during they click your Facebook ad. If you’re deciding to promote a particular product with your ad, assure you, direct people, through to the product’s page rather than leading them to your homepage. Also, if your ad is for a promotion, direct users to a web page wherever they can learn more further about the promotion.

There are above 2 billion people on Facebook also if you don’t target your ads properly, you may finish up losing money toward your ads and not perceiving traffic on your website all because you advertising on wrong people.

Promptly that you have boosted your website into ads and chose the right audiences for your ads, it’s very necessary to examine how well your ads are performing. This report will help you discover how strong your ads are doing also know the page your readers visit most maximum on your website.

instagram marketing for traffic


Because several people move on Instagram, having an account just for your business is a reliable way to obtain consumers plus attract consideration.

But gaining followers isn’t the effect goal if you’re a business. Managing audiences of your Instagram account through your website so you can transform followers within leads plus consumers is a genuine goal. It will be hard to drive traffic to your website from Instagram if you have quite a few followers either engagement.

You may remember your goal is to utilize Instagram to create an audience also then direct users to your website. But your genuine goal should be to develop a community. Users reply better to that approach, and it will assist you to reach your goal to improve your followers including drive more traffic.

youtube marketing for traffic


YouTube is currently the third various visited site in the world. That signifies global influence on the majority of online people. In ordinary, over 30 million people are using YouTube per day!

YouTube has provided all marketers access to a platform among millions of users throughout the world. Around in that extensive following are your likely clients.

All you have to do is spread out to them in video format, and you’ll be encouraging new, quality traffic to your website in no moment!

twitter marketing for traffic


If you’re a businessman though, it has a major serious determination because it’s a helpful tool for encouraging traffic to your blog, website, or landing page. Do Twitter Ads to utilize mobile audiences within consumers. Connect with your consumers based on their concerns at the moment, and encourage them to action including native, media-rich Expanded Tweets.

Even if your consumers eventually convert on your site of a desktop computer, you'll become clarity into every cross-device growth path. You can also increase your success plus scale up your appearance by running your Twitter Ads campaigns over thousands of successful apps and sites. In this, going to share 5 tips for driving Twitter traffic to your website.

So here are some tips:

  • Headlines Matter
  • Use Amazing Images
  • Shorten Your Links
  • Use Hashtags
  • Promote Your Tweets


The usage of social media cannot be overstated. That is because the number of internet users is rising year subsequent year executing the social media aspect a dominant place to encourage Web Traffic. Now that you’re provided with those social media tips, execute them into your social media strategy, and see the traffic flow into your website.

With a full, recent social media profile, your content is certain to be read - plus shared - by a completely distinct subset of your audience!

Gayatri Adhikari
Written By: Gayatri Adhikari